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Coding. Beach. Vacation.
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Alchemy of Code is a two month all-inclusive vacation where you learn programming. It costs $3000.00 and happens from May to June 2018.  We are catered towards university, college, high school graduates and professionals who want to learn skills important for today’s economy. Eat healthy food, live in a beautiful Mexican villa with 40 students from around the world. Learn programming in a 2 month course, just bring a laptop and a positive attitude. Gain a valuable skill while you live in Playa Del Carmen, one of the most beautiful places on earth.
Vacation & Learn How To Code

Learn programming over a two month all-inclusive vacation getaway.  Five hours a day learn web programming from entrepreneurs with real world experience.  Learn backend programming (using Javascript, Node.js) and frontend development.  Work on an optional real world project that gets launched at the end of the 2 months.  Get real world project experience during your two months.  Use tools like Slack, GitHub, Asana & Jira to learn how teams work together in the real world.
Enjoy the sun in Mexico’s most beautiful part, and study five hours a day to learn web programming from entrepreneurs with real world experience.  Whether you’re a professional or a student thinking about learning how to code, take the leap and become more valuable in the job market. Amp up your resume with the experience you gain.
Frequently Asked Questions



What does the $3000 include?


The $3000 USD guarantees that you will have a place to live, food to eat, classes 5 days a week for 5 hours a day with world class instructors for two months.  You will work on a real world project that will be launched at the end of the 2 months.

What do I learn?


Through our course you will learn web programming, which includes making web apps using frontend and backend programming.  You will learn cutting edge frameworks based on Javascript, HTML & CSS.

Where do I live?


Your stay will be in a beautiful Mexican villa a few blocks from the Playa Del Carmen beaches.  You will have your own private accomadations.   Playa Del Carmen is 1 hour away from Cancun.

Do I need any prior experience?


No prior knowledge or experience is required.  This is an introductory course geared towards beginners, however if you have prior knowledge, you can take the advanced classes to learn deeper programming subjects like algorithms, which are offerred as part of the 2 month program.

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